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All over the world, organisations provide extensive training work analysis, job simplicity and work study methods to enable employees discharge their duties more effectively. Those that have left their footprint on the sands of time, greatly impacted their world and earned the respect and admiration of their peer are those that have successfully planned and structured their organisations. They have survived and prospered through multiple product lifecycles, multiple generations of active leaders and sometimes extremely harsh circumstances. These are visionary, world class organizations.
Successful companies develop lean, dynamic and responsive organizations that allow them to reduce costs, improve quality, and get their products to market faster. This seminar describes the socio technical approach to organizational design that allows for rapid, radical improvement of critical business processes followed by sustained improvement over the long haul.


  • To help participants gain a better understanding of their job functions.
  • To teach participants personal planning.
  • Participants will learn to keep on track and stay flexible with rapidly changing priorities.
  • To highlight the basic nature of business.
  • To show participants steps towards greater personal effectiveness.
  • To show participants how to manage themselves effectively and stop personal issues from affecting issues in the workplace. 
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