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Teams are used to solve quality problems and to implement improvement projects. They can achieve more than individuals because they have a wider range of skills and experience. To be effective, teams must work hard, have the right mix of skills and develop appropriate approaches to problem solving. This seminar will show how to set up effective problem solving teams and avoid the dysfunctional behaviour associated with teams that are too big, have the wrong mix of skills or whose behaviour is disruptive.

Everybody, everyday, in one-way or the other is part of a team. Some teams win consistently, some intermittently while some never win. This interactive seminar is designed to teach you how to take advantage of the variety of skills that are available to you and the people in your group and turn it into greater successes for your team. 


  • To highlight the major elements of team work.
  • To foster productivity and increased quality of work in effective working in teams.
  • To promote teamwork and cooperation among members of the team.
  • To highlight the importance of achieving organisational goals.
  • To arm participants with the knowledge required to build an enduring team.
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