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This highly interactive two-day program challenges participants to rethink the way they respond to challenges, difficulties and problems in order to achieve higher levels of performance. Using the application of the Personal Accountability Model, participants raise their commitments to improve their performance, communication and leadership, regardless of their role.

Participants will create their own practical "personal vision of excellence" that describes attitude and behavior changes that represent a new standard of performance and teamwork. Based on this new standard, participants complete a Personal Accountability assessment that is aligned with accomplishing their "vision of excellence" and targets up to three specific actions for improvement.


  • Learn and apply the Personal Accountability Model – choice between victim and accountable behaviors
  • Creating a personal "vision of excellence"
  • Apply accountable questions for self-coaching and problem solving
  • Dealing with change and improving quality of work life
  • Improving relationships with others.
  • To confront the major personal changes they must make if they are to successfully position themselves in their organisations.
  • To identify the crucial risks they must embrace if they are to tap into their greatest potential.
  • To implement the strategies that will empower participants to overcome the blockers that prevent them from stepping outside of their comfort zones
  • To institute personal accountability to ensure shifts in attitude and habits occur.
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