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It might surprise you to discover that the number one reason that customers decide to quit doing business with you and start doing business with someone else has nothing to do with price or product line. In the overwhelming number of cases studied in a recent survey, up to 90% of the participants said the main reason they switched was because of dissatisfaction with some aspect of their customer service experience. It makes you wonder what percentage of your future profits might be walking away every year because of mistakes made by a 20 year-old phone service agent! Gaining a new customer is good; keeping him is better – and harder. The difference is being able to provide outstanding customer service.

We at Woof Consulting firmly believe that what will set apart tomorrow's leaders in business today will be exceptional customer service delivery. It will enable them to cultivate and retain the loyalty of new and existing customers. The time has come to match the quality of service delivery with the aggressiveness of marketing.


  • To help participants understand the meaning and importance of quality customer service.
  • To provide participants with priceless information on customer service.
  • To teach participants how to apply these principles while servicing the customers.
  • To help employees see the benefits of servicing customers excellently.
  • To generate and support improvement initiatives.
  • To help employees understand their roles and responsibilities in it.
  • To foster a new re-awakening in quality customer service.
  • The Importance of customer loyalty.
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