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History has shown us over time that where individuals or organisations are, conflicts abound because of individual differences. According to renowned scholar Manfred Kets de Vries, some of these signs include conflict avoidance, micro management, the tyrannization of subordinates to mention just a few. This seminar will help participants deal with negativity and interpersonal conflict more effectively. They will learn to recognize their counter-productive habit patterns and learn new methods of resolving conflict with win-win outcomes.


  • To teach participants the value of maintaining relationships.
  • To show the role of healthy conflicts between organisations.
  • To highlight coping strategies and individual coping style.
  • Differentiating between conflict, disagreement and confrontation
  • To show all the alternatives i.e. fight, flight or submit.
  • To help set communication and personal boundaries in the workplace.
  • To help participants in identifying and owning their emotions.
  • To help participants in recognizing their reactive behaviours and how they are triggered.
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