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Effective management skills are essential for success in business or in employment. Incorporating the latest thoughts and practices from experts in this specialty will increase management efficiency. This seminar highlights the key competences, pre-disposing attitudes and psychological characteristics of highly successful managers.

This intensive two day seminar is designed to provide managers and emerging leaders with a better understanding of their roles and functions and of the elements of effective managerial performance, and of how to apply learned concepts and skills on-the-job.


  • To teach participants the concepts involved in the managerial process.
  • To improve their knowledge and skills in communicating, problem solving, team building etc.
  • To help participants develop and prepare action plans to improve their performance on the job.
  • To identify their fiduciary responsibilities to clients, staff and the firm.
  • To understand how regulatory and industry changes affect you.
  • To assess productivity of your unit or department, and develop strategies to improve performance.
  • To show how good communication contributes to an operation's success
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