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To effectively discharge their various duties, managers and executives should learn how to communicate whether it is in the context of a contract negotiation, a job performance evaluation, a meeting with superiors, or any other situation where there are potentially competing views and interests. The programme is tailored for those seeking to improve their communication skills.

This two-day seminar focuses on enhancing the communication and influencing ability of the participants through understanding human behaviour. Emphasis will be placed on participants' roles as supervisors in leading their teams towards the organisation's objectives.


  • To teach participants how to gain a better knowledge of communication skills in management strategies and planning.
  • To transfer knowledge on better ways of delegating effectively.
  • To convey attitudes or create them to elicit appropriate responses.
  • To improve on participants listening skills.
  • To display how to pass information upwards and downwards in an organisation.
  • To help participants understand how to manage the emotions of people they interact with.
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