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Leaders are required to be more effective than ever before and it is necessary to differentiate between efficiency and effectiveness. Smaller headcounts will result in more work being done by a smaller group of employees and this is efficiency. Effectiveness, on the other hand, only comes from each employee doing more of the 'right work' – producing added value to the organisation. This requires a well-focused leader who will orient all company processes towards the customer now and in the future.

Effective leaders are continually identified as being self-aware; possessing an uncanny ability. Improving leadership ability is 'key' to organizational success and growth. The more managers an organisation can convert to leaders, the more successful it will be. This seminar is designed to show that the more leaders an organisation has, the higher its productivity.


  • To help leaders understand leadership skills and to show ways to manage and lead the team.
  • To help assess their leadership behaviour and determine the best style to generate results.
  • To clearly visualize leadership goals and communicate them to the other members.
  • To help improve the leadership abilities of leaders and followers.
  • To teach participants the meaning, essence and value of teams in leading effectively.
  • To show participants the extra value realizable form tapping into the various potentials of team members.
  • • To highlight the most important styles of leadership.
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