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CRISIS MANAGEMENT – A leadership challenge

Bad things happen to good people and good organizations, often through no fault of their own. Unforeseen events happen without warning, despite our best efforts at prevention. Confidential crisis management is about protecting your organization and industry from the forces that would damage or destroy it. We assist clients' already in crisis and prepare those who are not in crisis, but want to assure readiness through comprehensive crisis planning, media training and proactive public relations
The Crisis Management Seminar is a leadership-oriented course which provides participants with the knowledge, skills and abilities to develop a competent security and crisis management program. Participants will be trained and prepared to serve on a Crisis Management Team in the most complex and critical events. Case studies and table-top exercises are used extensively


  • To improve your ability to identify potential crisis situations in your organisations.
  • To make you aware of the pitfalls when communicating in crisis.
  • To minimise the impact of a crisis on business continuity, reputation and shareholder value.
  • To understand how crisis is experienced – how common and what types.
  • To explore the extent and need for crisis planning and management.
  • To examine how companies approach crisis situations.
  • To show effective problem solving and decision making techniques.
  • To show participants how to minimise
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