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Employees' appearance, attitude and behaviour are direct reflections of what your organisation represents. A lack of appropriate corporate etiquette in the workplace is extremely sensitive, if not impossible, matter to bring up with your personnel. This is because most people are used to doing things in the 'business as usual manner' and are hence averse to changing the status quo.

Mastery of this seminar's elements will allow an organization to powerfully present itself in the most favourable light possible. The class is informative, interactive and highly motivational and is customized to meet your needs. It focuses on developing the right attitude while operating at the highest professional level. Whilst we know that different offices may have different policies, there are a few universal truths that you need to be aware of at all times. These stratagems when employed will help in moulding your personnel to their best fit.


  • To teach participants how to gain a better knowledge of communication skills in the workplace.
  • To highlight better ways of showing corporate etiquette.
  • To display ways of managing emotions when working how to pass information upwards and downwards in an organisation.
  • To understand the impact corporate etiquette has on your organisation.
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