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Assertiveness is the art of saying how you feel and asking for what you need in ways that respect the rights of others without ignoring your own. That seems so simple, but for most of us it is very hard. Some people are pushy, aggressive and rude. Others are withdrawn and shy. Most of us in the middle, suffer in silence because we don't want to seem selfish, but we eventually still erupt in an outburst of frustration.

This seminar is designed to help you build the skills you need to express yourself constructively and effectively in any situation. This is a highly interactive, practice-driven training class; you will not only learn the principles of assertiveness but you will participate in role-plays and small group interactions to help you get comfortable with the assertiveness process before you take it back to your workplace or your world.


  • To help participants understand and apply the principles of assertiveness in various relationships.
  • Help participants develop assertive skills through helpful practice routines.
  • To teach participants how to set long-term goals for improving assertive habits.
  • To identify and minimize emotional issues that undermine assertive behaviours.
  • To understand how assertiveness styles affect team members, and how to work within those styles to gain greater cooperation.
  • To improve communication and interpersonal skills in ways that strengthen the team and enhance productivity.
  • Teach participants how to avoid behaviours that lead to ineffectiveness in both professional and personal life.
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